About My Internship


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Hello readers,

My name is Christine Wachira. I am 22 years old and just completed my fourth year at Western University. I am pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree with a  double major in  Financial Modelling and Economics. Given the differences in course scheduling across faculties and the amount of courses required when completing a double major, I still have a semester of school left upon my return from the internship in September. I thought this summer would be the perfect time to give the adult work life a try just so I know where my interest lies and can easier plan out my future after graduation.

Internship Placement and Partner 

For the next 3 months, I will be interning at Aga Khan University Hospital in Nairobi Kenya. I will be working as a Financial Analyst under the supervision of the hospital’s CEO as my mentor.

The Aga Khan foundation has a huge presence in East Africa, and world wide. To find out more about Aga Khan University Hospitals click here. I will particularly be working at the Nairobi Branch. It is among the leading hospitals in Kenya in terms of technology and the quality of service provided.

Internship Goals

My first internship goal is just to LEARN. I want to leave Kenya knowing more. Not only about financial analysis but also about overcoming the challenges that come with working internationally in a totally different environment with absolutely different expectations.

My second goal is to MAKE A DIFFERENCE.  I would like to know that whatever work I will participate in will make a positive difference in the organization no matter how small or how large that difference will be. I still haven’t figured out how to ensure this goal is met but I know that dedication, determination and putting my best foot forward in everything I do will always bear positive results.

I find it quite ironic that my first international work experience is at Aga Khan Hospital. This is because I was actually born at the exact same hospital. I am Kenyan by birth but I immigrated to Canada at a very young age. I have always been curious about life in Kenya and I guess some part of me feels guilty to be helping an already stable Canadian economy while I could be doing so much more to help the Kenyan economy. My third internship goal is rather personal, in these 3 months, I would like to figure out whether I would like to move back to Kenya upon my graduation. I want to find out about the living standards of the average graduate, how well I fit in to the culture and the general advantages/disadvantages of living and working in Kenya vs Canada.